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I’m currently located in the Central Virginia area, but can do this kind of work from anywhere.  Please send any print or copy requests to the email linked below.  And of course, feel free to drop me a line regarding the need for 3D design and/or animation for any projects you may have.  I literally work for peanuts…
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  1. Thus far, this is the dialogue.
    Note: Thus far, i don’t know the characters’ names; I’ve listed them as “S”
    and “D” for the purpose of naming them later.

    S: Are you tired?
    D: I’ve been lagging a bit.
    S: So what’s your next move?
    D: Wanna try the board?
    S: Shouldn’t you sleep first? You’ve been up for two days straight, no sleep…
    D: Sleep is for losers. I wanna see the sun and moon rise.
    S: Too little sleep and you die…
    D: What have I to live for?
    S: More than you know. A little J.D. might help you rest…
    D: Just get the board. I wanna contact Dan.
    S: You know the dangers involved…
    D: Dangers? Why do you think I haven’t slept? (laughs) Danger is my middle name.
    S: Don’t be stupid.
    D: Define stupid.
    S: Staying up for two days without sleep…playing with the occult…I’m worried about you…
    D: You shouldn’t be. If you’re going to insult me, I have to ask you to leave.
    S: Leave you here…alone? You don’t know the forces you’ve been playing with…what they can do…
    D: (laughs) I can call the police. Tell them you’ve been threatening me and that you’re trespassing.
    S: That’s not you. You don’t intentionally lie.
    D: If you’re not with me, you’re against me.
    S: I’m for you…more than you know…and I can’t let you destroy yourself…
    D: You’re pissing me off…seriously…get out before I really get mad.

  2. This is the continuation of the dialogue, thus far (not sure how long a 7 minute dialogue should be):

    S: But…
    D: (demonic voice) GET OUT! (eyes blaze red like fire)
    S: I never should’ve given you that board…this is my fault…
    D: (laughs demonically) That’s the one good thing you did. You’re worthless. Weak. I could kill you with but a thought.
    S: So why don’t you? You’re not who you were…the friend I knew…and Satan is the Father of Lies. I want my friend back.
    D: (laughs, turns into a roar) He’s gone. I’m in control.
    S: So who are you? A lesser demon?
    D: I am the Lord of Flies, destruction, and fire. I am the Lord of This World.
    S: You ain’t all that. If you were, I’d be dead now.
    D: (flies forward in one swift motion, grasp’s S’s throat and starts choking him) You don’t know what I can do to you. I’m all powerful, you are but a gnat I can swat.
    S: (choking sounds)
    D: I am in control. You can’t stop me.
    S: (reaches into pocket, fishing for something)
    D: This will be quick, then you’ll trouble me no more…
    S: (finds the object play this part up, drag it out a few seconds for suspense, pulls it out, sticks it on D’s forehead)
    D: (screaming) A crucifix? (agonizing scream) You motherfucker…you back-stabbing prick! (releases S)
    S: (coughs) (laughs) Thought…you were all…powerful…
    D: This isn’t over. I will come back, and when I do….
    S:You’re all talk. Get thee behind me, Satan.

  3. Installment 3/dialogue:

    (A few minutes pass. D sits down, the demon gone for the time. S looks at the crucifix, considering what to do next.)

    D: What happened? I feel like a train ran directly into my head.
    S: Possession (he says, still looking at the crucifix) Give me back the board, D.
    D: You’re kidding with me. Possession? What sort of possession?
    S: Demonic.
    D: (laughs in disbelief) It’s just a game, man.You know, like on the Fisher Price commercials…
    S: No, D. The board I gave you…it’s the real deal, not a cheap toy by Fisher Price. You have to give it to me before something else happens. It was dumb to give it to you in the first place…I knew what could happen. I guess I was foolish enough to think it wouldn’t.
    D: You’re full of shit.
    S: You don’t remember. Your memory’s gone. Do you know today’s date?
    D (laughs confidently) Of course. It’s September 30th, 2013. Why do you ask?
    S: Day of the week?
    D: Monday.
    S: I figured this. You don’t remember the last two days at all…It’s Wednesday, October 2nd, D.
    D: (laughs nervously) Now I know you’re full of shit.
    S: Look at my watch. (hands D his digital watch, which displays time, date, and day of the week)
    D: No, man. (he says as he reads the watch) You’re fucking with me. You altered it.
    S: Check out the news. They tell the date. Look at your home and cell phones. The phone company posts that info. And it can’t be altered.
    D: (looks at the caller i.d. on his home phone, then slowly looks at the cell phone, which he takes out of his pocket; he looks back and forth between them) (starts to shake, freaking out–he’s having a panic attack) Get…get out of here, S…I need some time alone. I just—don’t know what to believe right now.
    S: I’ll leave, but only if you give me the board.
    D: O…O.k. Take it. It’s in my room.
    S: Thank you. (goes to D’s room. the door is unlocked; he enters, turns on the overhead light) Where is it?
    D: On the table next to my bed.
    S: (looks at the table, it’s empty, except for a lamp) It’s not there, D.
    D: Quit bullshitting–just take the goddamn thing!
    S: (looks around room, under the bed, searches the closet–the board is nowhere to be found) I’m not bullshitting. I can’t find it. Are you sure you didn’t move it?
    D: (still shaking) No, man. Just–Just go. I need to chill for a while.
    S: O.K. Guess I don’t have much choice. But if you find it, call me. Immediately. Comprende?
    D: O..O.K.
    S: You trust me, don’t you?
    D: No.
    S: Understandable, I guess…(walks to door, opens it, hesitates) You sure you want me to go?
    D: Yes, please.
    S: ‘Bye for now, then.
    (he exits, closes the door, pausing on the front porch to consider what next to do)

  4. Installment 4/less dialogue, more action. Thinking installment 5 will be the conclusion.

    S: (he searches his left pocket and finds what he’s looking for) (he then takes out a small bottle of olive oil, pouring a little on his finger; he spreads it around the doorway) I anoint this door in Jesus’ name. (he circles around to the back door, anointing the entrance there, as well. not wanting to alert D to what he’s doing, he tries the back door to find it unlocked) D, your carelessness just might save your life…(he whispers) (he slowly opens the door so that it won’t creak, creeping in his steps so as not to draw unwanted attention; he anoints the entrance to the hallway from the kitchen, makes his way to the bathroom, anoints that door, then–peaking into the living room from the corner of the hallway to look out for D, who’s curled up in the chair, still shaking, apparently trying to sleep; before going to the bedroom door and anointing it; creeping back to the living room doorway, he anoints this, as well, again looking out for D, who stirs a little…then settles down. Suddenly, he realizes that there are two doorways left that he almost forgot about….the attic and the basement.) Ah, fuck it–gotta try… (he makes his way extra slowly down the basement stairs, slowing down all the more until…he reaches the bottom, and the door. He tries it) Shit! (it’s locked) (in anger, he kicks it. suddenly it flies open, and he anoints the entrance, venturing in to see if there’s any other entrance to anoint, also to find a weapon of some sort if there be any thing of the sort there since D must have shot up like a bolt; turning the light on, he hears D exclaim
    D: Fuck!
    S: (he looks around for something to hold D off with, a weapon of some sort–the place is dreary, having not been cleaned or straightened in a l o o o o o n g time, spider webs being prominent [along with a few spiders]. there seems to be nothing to use for the purpose of self defense–mostly boxes with rotting bottoms and sides filled with old comic books that weren’t properly stored which became moldy and useless–in poor condition, and so worth nothing. Rusty spoons, old dishes that never got used…etc.) Looks like I’ll have to catch him off-guard. (But first he anoints one door he almost missed–the outside entrance to the basement, then he jog-runs to wait beside the other door)
    D: Whoever you are, I’m gonna kick your sorry ass before I call the cops.
    S: (laughs internally; D’s a scrawny dude, no match for someone who exercises even moderately. {S} hates having to do what he has planned, but in this instance he’s afraid he must.)
    (D is carrying a baseball bat, made of solid wood–enough to knock someone out and give them a concussion; D isn’t as discreet as S is; he walks right past S, who moves quickly a grabs him as D drops the bat, caught unaware)
    D: What the fuck?! Let me go!!!
    S: Uh-uh. Not till I’m done here. You’ll thank me later on. Sorry I have to do this, but… (applies nerve pinch to D, knocking him out. he collapses to the dirt basement floor, out like a light) (S wastes no time, swiftly walking out of the basement and heading for the attic entrance. This anointing is more difficult, but he grasps the string and brings down the attic stairs, climbing them to anoint the entrance. Finally, he is ready to go)
    S: He’s gonna wake up in a bad mood, but this was worth it. No more can any demon cross an entrance here. (he leaves, abandoning the place in favor of his own. all seemed good and well…)
    (…but he didn’t realize that there was one entrance he forgot…)

  5. Installment 5/Epilogue
    Note: I’m not up on police procedures, so this portion may need correcting.

    (2 days pass…but a lot can happen in two days… so what was the entrance that S forgot?
    (when S left D’s house, things started happening; it didn’t take long for D to wake up after the nerve pinch knocked him out, and he made it to the windows in the living room in time to see S beginning his walk home)
    D: That son of a whore…I’ll fix his little red wagon. If I did lose two days, it’s probably because that asshole drugged me.
    (D called the police, expressing what he could, not giving full detail about what had gone on, though he made sure to include what he presumed occurred…the drugging of himself by Mr. S, two days gone, S’s break-in and knocking him out, etc.)
    (the police wanted him to go to the station to take a statement, and press charges; he was reluctant when they said they would have to test him for any drugs in his system, but the police assured him that the marijuana they smelled on him would be legal for recreational use in a fairly short period of time, and he eased up)
    (so he did as they asked, and two teams of officers went out…one set ot investigate D’s place, the other set to arrest S)
    (At D’s they searched the house, finding the ouija board in his bedroom, on the table)
    Policeman: So this is what he was looking for? Why the interest?
    D: He was obsessed with getting it. I don’t know why. I don’t know why he left it, either.
    Policeman: I’m still trying to figure out the exact motive here. Breaking and entering, to steal a weejee board, with no theft and an attack on the homeowner…just smacks of weird. Not that it doesn’t happen, but it’s rare.
    D: Maybe he got scared before he could take anything.
    Policeman: (laughs) Yeah, maybe…but of who or what. (he joked about D’s lack of muscle, which D didn’t catch)
    (Meanwhile, the second team arrives at S’s house in order to arrest him)
    (They knock at the door, and S opens it)
    S: Hello, gentlemen.
    Police: No time for formalities. We’ve got a warrant for your arrest, so if you’d be so kind as to turn around, facing the wall…
    S: O.k. I know the routine.
    (S places his hands on the wall and spreads his legs so the police can frisk him. They find the anointing oil and the crucifix)
    Police: Odd. A crucifix and…what’s in this bottle?
    S: Anointing oil.
    Police: Anointing oil? Like they use in church?
    S: Yes.
    Police: Deputy, bag this as evidence. We need to see what’s in it. (unscrews cap) Smells like olive oil.
    Still, never can be too careful…hold your hands behind your back. (he takes out a pair of handcuffs and puts them on S)
    S: How long will i be in for?
    Police: Until someone bails you out or after your trial. Assuming you aren’t going to be a permanent resident. (he says with a half-smile)
    (The miranda rights are read, S is cuffed and taken to jail. He’s drug tested, and comes up clean. D is also tested, but the only things found in his system were the drugs he usually used)
    Police: Mr. D, you’re ready to go. This guy admitted to the crimes, except for drugging you, so he will stand trial. You go on home and get some rest. You look worn out.
    D: Thank you, officer.
    (For the next 2 days, D plays with the board, constantly feeding the demon. He couldn’t leave the room through the door…blocked by anointing oil. But the windows weren’t anointed, so he escapes with the board through them. Demonic voices fill his head…telling him he has a score to settle, with an old friend.
    (So he returns to the jail and is escorted back to visit S)
    (And if you’re wondering, the windows weren’t the entrance(s) S forgot about…)
    S: I was wondering when you’d visit me. How are you?
    D: (smiling vilely) Ha. Just here to let you know you forgot something, “dear friend”.
    S: You may still be pissed, but you’ll thank me later.
    D: No. You see, there’s something you forgot. Something verrrry important. (laughs, eyes roll backward, then turn a solid red) And your fucking crucifix can’t save you now, buddy-boy.
    S: What? No! How? I anointed all the entrances! This is all wrong…
    D: You missed one, “friend” (he says with demonic tones)
    S: What? No! I got them all. I’m sure of it!
    D: (laughs uproariously) You know the Bible, but so do I. Cover to cover. Does it not say that the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit? That’s the entrance you forgot. If the Holy Spirit can get in, SO CAN I! (laughs)
    S: AAh! How could I be so stupid?!
    D: It’s been fun, S. (fire blazes from his eyes and fries S in his cell, turning him into nothing but ashes a complaint starts going around about the smell, and soon D roasts the police officers, as well, and before long, the entire station is aflame.
    (D grows more powerful with time, until the whole of planet Earth is ash, and he commands a force of demons while he sits on a throne of mankind’s bones as King).

    The End
    Note: I radically changed this from the version in my notebook, for reasons I think might be obvious if you read the original script copy.

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